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"Imagine having a flood of hungry visitors salivating at your offers and ready to open their wallet to make a purchase"

Read on to discover how you can tap into this traffic power ...

Dear Friend,

Have you always struggled with traffic problems and not getting enough visitors to your sites or offers?

In fact, this is the problem that I had when I was starting out. I built several webpages only to find out later that there are no visitors. I even tried promoting on third party pages and ezine directories but to no avail.  

I am about to throw in the towel. It was at that time I read a book by Seth Godin which talked about the concept of the dip. Every project that you take on will eventually encounter the dip. Most people would give up at that point and very few would persist. I told myself that I will not be another statistics and pressed on. 

And Then I Cracked The Code ...

Here are two inconvenient truths

You cant rely on a single traffic source: In my early days, I focused exclusively on SEO and ezine submission. But then I realized that ranking on the first page of google doesnt mean squat if people are not buying. Also, SEO is risky business. With every Google update, your page ranking is at risk and you may not even be on the first page anymore. What if you get your keyword wrong? You thought it would be low competition but it turned out to be extremely competitive. That was how I wasted a year on my first site. SEO should not be the main focus of your site but should just be another traffic source in your arsenal. 

Traffic Quality is never the same: You need to have people who are both INTERESTED in your offers and HAVE THE PURCHASING MEANS in order to succeed in the business. Having understood this, I focused my attention on getting traffic that fulfills these two criteria from various sources. I tested and dropped those that underperformed and slowly leveraged on those that worked. I slowly build up my list using clean traffic sources and it all finally clicked.  

You see, it was through all these trial and error for the last 10 years that had enabled me to build a strong list that is responsive, interested in what I have to say and most importantly, have the purchasing power to buy what I recommend should they be interested.  

And Now I Am Giving You The Same Advantage That I Have...

My email list has always been my secret weapon all along. There are subscribers that have been with me for more than five years... 

And now, I am allowing you to "rent" my secret weapon to get interested people to your offers and grow your online business. 

Introducing ...

Imagine getting your offer in front of thousands of prospects who are already pre-sold on what you have to say. Wouldn't you say that you will have higher chances of getting opt-ins and sales?

These are all the benefits that you will get when you purchase a slot today: 

  • 100% Tier 1 Traffic - Remember how I told you visitors must both be interested and have the means to purchase your offer? Nothing works better than Tier 1 traffic. These are visitors from top tier countries such as USA, UK and Australia. 
  • Guaranteed Overdelivery - I guarantee that you will get at least 10% more clicks than what you ordered.
  • Quick Burst Of Traffic - I deliver most orders within 24 to 72 hours. So, you can be sure to see results on your opt in forms almost instantaneously. 
  • Buyers Included - With every order placed, you will receive traffic not only from email subscribers but also from those who have actively purchased things via email previously.
  • Fresh Subs Added Daily - I am constantly updating my list. So, fresh subscribers of 500 to 1000 leads are added on a daily basis. You can almost be sure that your offers will not be seen by the same person twice, which increases its effectiveness. 

Heck, I will even write the ads for you so you do not need to lift a finger...

No one knows my list better than me. When you place your order, I will review it and once accepted, I will write the solo ad swipe for you for optimal engagement. The odds are stacked highly in your favor. 

Just place your order, tell me where to direct the traffic, then sit back and relax....

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100 Tier 1 Clicks ($0.55 Per Click)

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300 Tier 1 Clicks ($0.50 Per Click)

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500 Tier 1 Clicks ($0.50 Per Click)

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1000 Tier 1 Clicks ($0.45 Per Click)

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More Happy Buyers...


Ken Chong

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